Visualise, Analyse and Optimise Your Key Decisions

Business Modelling Associates (BMA) is a consulting and solutions development firm, specialising in supply chain design and next generation business analytics applications. With operations in Africa and the UK, BMA helps clients compete and win by giving them the tools to visualise, analyse and optimise their key decisions. These technologies enable customers to model their end-to-end operations, analyse what-if scenarios and explore how potential changes affect service, costs, sustainability and risk. More »

Business Analytics

BMA’s next generation Business Analytics platform allows companies to seamlessly connect and enhance corporate performance management, financial planning processes and operational planning systems. It is a decision support engine that simultaneously considers an enterprise’s end-to-end processes, market situation and interdependent relationships in a single model. BMA’s Business Analytics platform is widely used by companies to simulate complex business scenarios and run rapid “what-if” analyses to quickly identify and
quantify the key decisions that will have the greatest impact on future financial
performance. More »

Supply Chain Design & Implementation

Given the new global reality of volatility, complexity and rapid change, supply chain design has become a critical business function. Forward-thinking businesses are continuously redesigning and improving their supply chains by using modelling technology to examine how their supply chains will perform under a wide range of market conditions and assumptions and analysing the trade-offs of cost, service and risk. Our tools enable you to model your current supply chain, analyse what-if scenarios and react rapidly and efficiently to unforeseen events. More »

Custom Solution Development

BMA is a group of professionals experienced in the design, development and implementation of custom solutions that address the challenges of specific industries or organisations. These solutions strengthen decision support at all levels of the enterprise and are built on leading technology platforms using global best practice in business analytics and supply chain design. A good example of BMA’s custom solutions is the Cash Management Optimiser and LSP Contracts Profitability Manager industry specific solutions. More »

February 26, 2014

Three LLamasoft Executives Named Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine “Pros to Know” for 2014

LLamasoft co-founder and Executive Vice President Toby Brzoznowski, Vice President of Solution Strategy Jeff Metersky and Vice President of...

February 03, 2014

Woolworths selects Business Modelling Associates for Supply Chain Network Design and Optimisation

Woolworths has selected Business Modelling Associates to conduct an extensive review of its entire supply chain network, spanning Clothing &...

January 21, 2014

LLamasoft Named to Food Logistics FL100 Software and Technology Providers List for 2013

LLamasoft has been named to the Food Logistics FL100 Software and Technology providers list for 2013. LLamasoft joins this exclusive list of...

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Winning Through Better Supply Chain Design

“Who designed this supply chain, anyway?”

It’s a common question from senior executives when confronted with an end-to-end view of their supply chain.

Download - 2.0 MB

Designing Full Potential Transportation Networks

What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There

Many supply chains are the product of history, developed over time as a company grows with expanding product lines and...

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Harnessing Cost-to-Serve Optimization

What’s the real cost to meet this customer’s needs?

Accurate cost-to-serve data can enable increased profitability and informed decision making.

Download - 1.7 MB

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SBV Services Case Study

SBV Services is South Africa’s largest cash management service provider with over two thousand employees and six hundred...

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FPT Group Case Study

FPT Group (Pty) Ltd forms part of the Capespan Group, an international leader in delivering dew-fresh, world-class product...

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Design Your Perfect Transportation Network

What’s Your Optimal Supply Chain Design?

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May 25-29, 2014

Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit, South Africa

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SAPICS Supply Chain Conference 2014

June 1 - 3, 2014

Sun City, South Africa

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June 25-27, 2014

Ann Arbor, Michigan USA

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SAPinsider Chats with LLamasoft's Toby Brzoznowski on the Importance of Supply Chain Design

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