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Rod Stout Rod Stout

Rod Stout

Co-founder & Chairman

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A proud product of Yorkshire, Rod moved to South Africa in 1989 with Manro Management Consultants to establish an operation in Johannesburg. In 1993 Rod co-founded and was MD of The Logistics Bureau (TLB) which grew into South Africa’ first specialist supply chain consulting & technology company, and was eventually sold to the listed corporate, Super Group. Rod held various positions at Super Group including MD of Collaborative Xchange and Strategic Marketing Director of the Supply Chain division. Rod has a passion for Business Analytics and has established and grown a number of successful Innovations firms in this sector, including co-founding Business Modelling Associates in 2009.

Shane Russell Shane Russell

Shane Russell

Co-founder & Commercial Director

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With 28 years’ experience in supply chain management, Shane has held senior level and Executive positions with supply chain consulting and innovations companies such as Manro Management Consultants, The Logistics Bureau and Collaborative Xchange. Shane was previously a Divisional Director at Super Group and held the position of Country Manager UK responsible for the group’s UK operations. Shane is a co-founder of Business Modelling Associates and has extensive commercial experience, working with globally recognised brands to deliver process improvement through the application of Prescriptive Analytics.

Richard Martin Richard Martin

Richard Martin

Co-founder & Technical Director

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Richard is a Business Analytics and Optimisation professional with over 25 years' experience in the use of Advanced Planning & Optimisation technologies. He is a co-founder of Business Modelling Associates and has extensive experience in the Utilities, Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Oil & Gas, Logistics and Banking sectors. Richard is skilled in the leadership and development of advanced modelling applications and has been instrumental in architecting the companies leading solution Decisio. Richard is passionate about helping companies reduce risk and improve their financial performance through the application of complex Prescriptive models that evaluate the systemic impact of key decisions.

Richard Martin Richard Martin

Mark Penny

Chief Operating Officer

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Mark is a business change leader with over 35 years experience in the utility sector. Previously he held the positions of Director of the Water Business and subsequently Director of Customer Service and Networks at Yorkshire Water. As an executive Director, he worked collaboratively and inclusively to deliver business wide asset and people change resulting in significant regulatory outperformance and customer service improvements. Mark had accountability for the water services to 4.5m customers with an annual TOTEX spend of £500m. Mark has led the evolution and growth of Business Modelling Associates within the utilities sector since 2014.

Richard Martin Richard Martin

Craig Mauelshagen

Associate Director: Research & Solution Design

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Craig joined Business Modelling Associates in 2014 and is a specialist in the areas of risk analytics, risk governance and risk culture. With a PhD from Cranfield University, Craig has successfully applied his knowledge of complex systems and risk analytics with clients in the Energy (Electricity and Gas), Water, Wastewater and Public sectors, returning exceptional value in the process. Craig’s experience has enabled him to spearhead the establishment of the research role within the company, developing complex, systemic solutions for water, bio-resources, gas distribution and gas transmission.

Richard Martin Richard Martin

Stephen Herndlhofer

Associate Director

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Stephen has 30 years’ experience in the Nuclear and Water Utility sectors. With a scientific education and an MBA, Stephen has led significant change initiatives and held several senior roles including Head of Investment Strategy, Head of Risk & Analytics and most recently, Head of Enterprise Architecture. Stephen was a pioneer in the development & application of digital representations of end-to-end value chains at Yorkshire Water. He is passionate about driving positive and sustainable business change, enabled though a blend of capable people, effective organisational controls and the right technology.

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