Wastewater Performance Solution Suite

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“The combined pressures of urbanisation, population growth and climate change are placing a heavy burden on a sewerage system already running at or over full capacity. Projected population figures alone suggest a 44% increase in England and Wales from 1961-2039. Without significant investment in sewerage infrastructure our rivers will suffer from increased pollution. ”

World Wildlife Fund Report, Flushed Away, 2017

Overview of Wastewater Performance Solution Suite

Business Analytics Business Analytics

Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions

Typically exploring 5-30-year time horizons, focusing on strategic risks, opportunities, investment optioneering & strategy evaluation.  The suite of models includes: 

  • a National Markets Demonstrator; exploring the market & trading opportunities to optimise the bio-resources activity across company boundaries, reflecting carbon commitments & co-digestion opportunities;
  • a Strategic Catchment Planning solution, evaluating & optimising the long-term risks & benefits associated with the sustainability of different catchment management interventions & controls;  
  • a Strategic Bio-Resources Planning solution, considering the optimisation of bio-resource assets, reflecting carbon commitments, sustainable energy production & population growth; and
  • a ‘Sink to Sea’ Optimisation solution, enabling a high-level value chain analysis of the Wastewater asset base, associated risks & constraints, TOTEX options with full financial analysis & forecasts

Tactical Solutions

Typically exploring 1-5-year time horizons, providing more detailed risk & financial analysis & optimisations.  The suite of models includes:  

  • Bio-Resources System optimisation solution;
  • Co-Digestion solution to support strategy evaluation;
  • Catchment optimisation solution including a detailed Cost to Serve analysis of the value chain.

Operational Solutions

Operational Solutions

Typically exploring daily/weekly/monthly time horizons, these models are embedded with operational processes to create optimal plans for operational delivery. The solutions include:

  • Site Energy Production solution which optimises the bio-resource process;
  • Sludge Logistics solution, to optimise the daily movement of sludge, reflecting target optimisation of solid / calorific content arriving at sludge processing assets; and
  • Operational optimisation of Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Key Benefits of the Wastewater performance Solution Suite

Tangible Benefits

  • By taking a more holistic approach, significant capital investments can be avoided, by delivering plans to pre-defined risk appetite, more robust outage management plans or exploiting asset connectivity.  Capital savings can run to tens of millions of pounds/dollars, depending on the type of investment & time horizon considered.
  • Whilst maintaining or even improving desired operational and service outcomes, a systemic approach typically yields between 5 and 15% reduction in operational expenditure, particularly with regards to chemical, maintenance, energy and labour costs.
  • Cost to serve analysis has many financially beneficial applications, including an alternative prioritisation approach for operational activities across the Wastewater asset base.
  • Our unique, blended solutions trade opportunities for energy yield within the bio-resources process against the logistics costs associated with sludge transportation, providing the ultimate in

Non-Financial Benefits

  • Our Strategic Wastewater Performance solutions drive Board Room agendas to evaluate a range of opportunities and risks, as well as providing assurance to investors and other senior stakeholders regarding different strategies under consideration.
  • The ability to quickly run scenarios to reflect real world events is proving invaluable to organisations suffering sudden, unplanned outages, enabling them to adapt quickly and deliver the next most optimal plan.
  • Using our technology platform our team have an established track record of identifying new business insights, stimulating previously unconsidered options.
  • Visualising complex systems through simple intuitive dashboards, stimulates and enables new thinking and organisational capability.
  • Our Advanced Digital Business Twin methodology supports organisations in adopting new and sustainable digital capabilities, enabling broader business transformation.

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