Uisce Éireann selects BMA’s next-gen AI decision intelligence software platform, Decisio™

Uisce Éireann has selected UK software and AI-powered Decision-Intelligence company, BMA, and its Decisio™ platform, to provide a nationwide planning solution for optimising its bioresources strategy and operations.

With the increase in complex challenges such as climate change, net zero targets, wastewater treatment processes and population growth, greater certainty is needed around the long-term approach for managing sludge and bioresources. Uisce Éireann has selected BMA’s next-gen AI decision intelligence software platform, Decisio™, to optimise its National Wastewater Sludge Management Plan.

The Decisio™ platform, with its Cloud for Water (C4W) – Bioresource Systems solution, leads the way in bioresource planning and management. The solution will enable Uisce Éireann to understand the intricate web of processes between transport, treatment, resource recovery, energy generation, and recycling elements.


“ By leveraging BMA’s next-gen AI decision intelligence software platform, Decisio™, Uisce Éireann will access capabilities to optimise strategic decisions for wastewater sludge management. Consequently, we will be able to make whole systems, top-down, adaptive, data-driven investment decisions more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Aoife Kyne

Wastewater and Sludge Asset Planning Specialist - Uisce Éireann

“ We are looking forward to collaborating closely with the Uisce Éireann team on this significant and important nationwide infrastructure investment initiative.”

Rod Stout

Chairman & Co-Founder of BMA


The Decisio™ platform optimises financial, operational and asset performance, and resilience based on a range of strategic investment scenarios within a set of defined constraints or opportunities. This will provide long-term visibility of context and decision-making. The solution will support the transition from a fragmented, local authority level management of strategy and operations towards a centralised national management approach. 




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