UK Water Industry Awards: Further accolades for BMA's software

BMA has been selected as a finalist in 3 categories at the upcoming prestigious Water Industry Awards 2024. Taking place on 4 July 2024, this recognition is a testament to our team's hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the water industry.


BMA has been selected as a finalist in 3 categories at the upcoming prestigious UK Water Industry Awards 2024 in London. The 3 categories are: digitalisation project of the year, Net Zero carbon initiative of the year, and wastewater innovation project of the year.

Digitalisation Project of the Year

BMA has been recognised for measurable progress in transforming the water sector through digital innovation and data-driven insights. Together with leading UK water company, Yorkshire Water, our digitalisation initiative, "Whole systems adaptive planning: Going beyond traditional asset investment planning with AI-assisted network design and resilience" has been recognised for a Water Industry Award in this category.


Net Zero Carbon Initiative of the Year

The project team, funded by Innovate UK, and comprising BMA and Anglian Water, excelled in aligned teamwork, blending diverse skill sets and enabling a strong collaboration. BMA provided its proprietary adaptive planning platform, Decisio™ along with proficiency in software development and systems thinking. Our initiative, “Whole systems adaptive planning: Supporting the transition to Net Zero” has been recognised for the Water Industry Award. BMA’s Decisio™ Cloud for Water Net Zero Pathways solution provided enhanced emissions visibility to drive decarbonisation.


Wastewater Innovation Project of the Year

BMA has been selected in the best wastewater project category. Together with South West Water, the initiative aimed to optimise long-term investment strategies, minimise TOTEX, and maximise sustainable energy generation. Our initiative, “Whole systems adaptive planning: Enabling PR24 Bioresources Strategy”, involved leveraging BMA’s Decisio™ Bioresource Systems Digital Business Twin (DBT). This provided South West Water with the capability to assess a significant range of investment scenarios, ensuring alignment with its long-term objectives and regulatory obligations.

We look forward to the 4th July!



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