Bioresources Production Planning Platform

The bioresources sector in the UK is one of the most advanced bioresource sectors in the world, with in excess of 80% of raw sludge being treated with anaerobic digestion with a mature framework to sustainably recycle most of the final product on agricultural land. However, within Water and Wastewater Companies (WaSCs) the internal management process has not evolved at the same pace as the sludge processing technologies. The complex bioresource operations are often managed by siloed business units with different, and at times, competing targets. This leads to the sub-optimal operation of the bioresource system and often unclear decision-making accountabilities across the process.

Business Modelling Associates (BMA) have worked with several companies to implement a Production Planning Platform for Bioresources. By applying decades of experience optimising manufacturing and supply chain processes, our advanced analytics cloud platform enables systemically optimised decision making, providing recommendations that continually optimise the end-to-end bioresources value chain. The system is already operating in a number of major UK WaSCs and has been a key enabler in decreasing OpEx, identifying process constraints, facilitating communication between business units and has led to more stable and efficient operations overall.

Bioresources Production Planning Platform Case Study
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