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“Transitioning to a circular economy does not only amount to adjustments aimed at reducing the negative impacts of the linear economy. Rather, it represents a systemic shift that builds long-term resilience, generates business and economic opportunities, and provides environmental and societal benefits."

The Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2019

As accurate representations of multi-dimensional, complex systems, the Advanced Digital Business Twins we construct for our Clients enable them to embrace Circular Economy principles.

Core to the Circular Economy are the principles of waste removal, reuse and sustainability. By adopting a value chain approach within our unique suite of solutions, we are not only able to support clients apply these principles within their own value chains, we are able to connect solutions across our suites, to explore and evaluate extended value chains which connect different sectors.

Examples of how we apply circular economy principles within Client processes and individual solutions include:

  • Scheduling the collection of sludge from Wastewater treatment plants and its subsequent processing at bio-resource facilities in a way which reflects the age, solid content and calorific value of the sludge, thereby optimising the entire process, balancing the carbon impact of more frequent transportation against the overall energy yield.
  • Optimising the costly movement of water within trunk main distribution systems whist maintaining localised stocks within acceptable risk tolerance, thereby reducing energy costs.
  • Sustainably reducing product waste from aging infrastructure, such as our unique suite of solutions which support clients reduce leaking water from distribution mains or reducing heat losses from transmission lines.
  • Reflecting the quality of raw water in water treatment processes to minimise the use of chemicals, reduce power costs and minimise environmental impact.

Referred to as blended solutions, our ability to reflect the product quality, as well as product quantity which flows through assets and processes, enables optimisation routines deployed within out solutions to truly reflect the best possible outcomes for our Clients.

Examples of how our solutions can be connected across sectors and solution suites to deliver circular economy principles include:

  • Considering the relationships between final effluent discharges within Wastewater solutions and water abstraction processes within Water solutions, considering the geographic relationship between assets that perform these activities.
  • Connecting the bio-resource processes within Wastewater solutions with energy generation sources within our Energy solutions, as well as assessing opportunities for the co-digestion of sludge and other waste materials (e.g. wood, paper, green and food waste), supplied by third parties.
  • Assessing the full financial and environmental impact of the end-to-end chemical supply chain, including logistics within both the Water and Wastewater solutions to evaluate opportunities to optimise chemical use, reduce waste and protect the environment.

The flexible construction of our solutions, enabled through the underlying technology, allows us to quickly change the objective function of the solution. This means we can use the same solution to answer different questions for example:

  • How should I run my process or connected system of assets to minimise the overall cost?
  • How should I operate my process or connected system of assets to minimise my operational carbon footprint?
  • How should I deliver my capital investment programme to minimise my overall carbon footprint, reflecting both the embedded carbon associated with my investment and the subsequent changes to operational carbon generated by the updated process or system of assets?
  • How does this approach differ from the lowest cost solution and how sensitive is my decision to potential future changes in environmental legislation and associated penalties?

As a result, the solutions we provide, put our Clients in control. We furnish them with the insight required to make decisions which balance and reflect the interests of their shareholders, the environment and the communities they serve.

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