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Develop game changing strategies to reduce operational costs and minimise risk

Financial institutions face complex decisions throughout their product offerings in managing risk, operational costs and liquidity in a highly regulated environment, whilst maintaining high standards in delivering services and value to their customers. It is critical to understand the trade-offs of these aspects to ensure sustainability. BMA offers a unique solution to optimise, visualise and execute these decisions.

Within the cash supply chain decisions are made daily to ensure sustained product availability whilst managing the intricacies of the relevant costs and inherent risk of the product. Service failures affect revenue due to lose of fees and increase costs related to ad-hoc, emergency supply requirement. Service failure’s also have repetition impact, and depending on the institution can be viewed as a national risk. However overstocking is also undesirable due to the associated risk, lending fees and non-earning nature of the asset.

BMA’s cash management platform is a unique integrated demand and supply optimisation toolset, which allow for visibility and optimisation of the entire managed supply chain. Optimisation of operational, tactical and strategical decisions is achieved through a easy to use graphical interface which allows for demand management through a S&OP enable process, daily supply planning, medium term optimal plan creation and advanced what if analysis.


Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • S&OP driven demand management
  • Fully integrated best in bread forecasting engine
  • Multi-layer SKU hierarchical architecture
  • Ability to manipulate forecasts within a sandbox environment
  • Causal management
  • User overrides on statistical forecasts
  • Forecast accuracy reporting
  • Supply plan optimisation including:
    • processing(sorting)
    • inventory location optimisation both geographically as well as vault type allocations
  • Utilises in-bound demand, including turn-around times and yield ratio
  • Operational dashboards
  • Orders management
  • What-if analysis
    • Regulation change impact
    • Centre of gravity analysis
    • Demand change analysis
    • Bill mix analysis
    • Cost variation analysis
  • User access management

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