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With high volatility and labour unrest, Capex decisions have never been more critical

The mining industry faces a number of challenges with high volatility and tight decision cycles a constant pressure on executives. Capex planning is critical often with multiple projects competing for the same level of investment. Planning of material flows and product blend optimisation can have a major impact on business performance.

BMA can assist mining companies to quantify business trade-offs and optimise the supply chain to meet demand from a financial perspective. Our solution can help executives align operational planning with financial objectives to tie volumes to profit implications. The result is high value communications across operations, sales, marketing, and finance from a single point-of-view business representation.

BMA’s tactical MRO solutions offering can help businesses increase their operational efficiency through software assisted S, I & OP processes. BMA’s MRO solutions ensure that best-practice decisions are made, allowing operational continuity in a least-cost environment. BMA understands the critical nature of Mining operations and the need for constant visibility and parts availability.


Typical scenarios that can be modelled with BMA’s Next Generation Analytics

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