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Making Optimised Decisions about the Future

“We nust improve how we make decisions in the face of uncertainty. New methods in decision science allow us to identify choices that are robust across a range of future outcomes - choices that guide our immediate decisions and allow flexibility as the future unfolds”

Global Commission on Adaptation, September 2019

Business Modelling Associates leverage their extensive knowledge and experience from decades supporting organisations on their digital journeys. Our leading edge methodology is industry agnostic and allows us to approach each and every deployment in a systematic, structured and consistent way, but always with the Client challenge at the heart of our solution.

In this way we have delivered numerous solutions into a wide variety of sectors, including:

  • Infrastructure & Government Sectors: Highway, railway, communication and other national and local infrastructure solutions have enabled the optimisation of capital solutions, testing and improving potential investment options and associated strategies through the design stage. Our solutions incorporate multiple financial, environmental and regulatory constraints, to deliver the required Client outcomes with confidence. Other central and local government solutions, most recently supporting Local Enterprise Partnerships within the UK sustainably meet their carbon reduction commitments.
  • CPG Sector: Extensive applications within the Consumer Packaged Goods sector where our blended optimisation tools have been particularly successful in delivering significant financial benefit through the supply chain. Providing solutions which enable clients to rapidly test a range of supply chain, manufacturing, channel, marketing strategies has proved particularly beneficial to organisations such as Unilever.
  • Healthcare Sector: Supporting international client organisations within the Healthcare sector, reflecting a very complex and dynamic sector with multiple delivery models, but all impacted by increased patient and government expectations, capacity constraints, rising labour costs coupled with increased demand for qualified staff and increasing capital investment requirements. All of which makes it increasingly difficult for healthcare providers to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.
  • Pharmaceutical Sector: Within the Pharmaceutical sector, long product development and clinical testing cycles, multi-stage production and distribution challenges within the supply chain and necessarily robust regulation combine to create highly complex physical-human systems. The application of our Advanced Digital Business Twin solutions within this sector has supported an objective and robust approach in tackling decisions of a strategic and operational nature.
  • Retail Sector: The growth of on-line shopping in recent years has resulted in the failure of many familiar high-street brands. Those that have survived face considerable pressure to reduce margins and adapt their business models. As with CPG, our solutions enable Retail clients to rapidly test a range of supply chain, manufacturing, channel and marketing.
  • Financial Sector: Financial institutions face complex decisions throughout their product offerings in managing risk, operational costs and liquidity in a highly regulated environment, whilst maintaining high standards in delivering services and value to their customers. It is critical to understand the trade-offs of these aspects to ensure sustainability. BMA offers a unique solution to optimise, visualise and execute these decisions. 
  • Cash Supply Chain Sector: Within the cash supply chain decisions are made daily to ensure sustained product availability whilst managing the intricacies of the relevant costs and inherent risk of the product. BMA’s cash management platform is a unique integrated demand and supply optimisation toolset, which allow for visibility and optimisation of the entire managed supply chain. Optimisation of operational, tactical and strategical decisions is achieved through an easy to use graphical interface which allows for demand management through a S&OP enable process, daily supply planning, medium term optimal plan creation and advanced ‘what-if’ analysis.
  • Mining & Metals Sector: The mining industry faces a number of challenges with high volatility and tight decision cycles a constant pressure on executives. Capex planning is often critical with multiple projects competing for the same level of investment. Planning of material flows and product blend optimisation can have a major impact on business performance. BMA assist mining companies to quantify business trade-offs and optimise the supply chain to meet demand from a financial perspective. Our solution can help executives align operational planning with financial objectives to tie volumes to profit implications. The result is high value solution which spans operations, sales, marketing, and finance from a single point-of-view business representation. BMA understands the critical nature of Mining operations and the need for constant visibility and parts availability.
  • Logistics Sector: Logistics Service Providers (LSP's) typically operate in a highly competitive, low-margin industries where the provision of additional value-added services to clients provides the opportunity for higher profitability and sustainability. LSP’s need to rapidly convince their customers of their capabilities to deliver a cost-effective and efficient service while adding value to their business through additional innovative services and solutions. A focus on continuous process improvement using strategic modelling and logistics design can help LSP’s establish these long-term client relationships, containing their costs whilst meeting contractual service levels and customer. BMA have worked with several leading global and local LSP’s, providing solutions and services that help Clients:
    • Win new business
    • Retain customers
    • Enable the analysis and visualisation of logistics networks
    • Optimise contractual margins over long time-frame contracts

Typical scenarios that can be modelled with BMA’s Next Generation Analytics

Tangible Benefits

  • How can I drive profit in my business? All of our solutions provide a full set of financial accounts and forecasts, configured to your exact requirements.
  • Where should I locate my warehouses and/or production facilities? Capital investment planning and optimisation is a core capability of our solutions.
  • How can manufacturing, warehousing and distribution work optimally together? Our ability to model complex, integrated systems through our Advanced Digital Business Twin methodology and technology solutions is best in class.
  • Testing and exploring a variety of short, medium and long term strategies such as:
    • What inventory strategy should I employ to deliver maximum return on assets?
    • What product mix provides me with the best return?
    • How can I achieve maximum results from a sales promotion campaign?
    • What is my optimal production, distribution or logistics plan for the coming week?

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