Challenges facing companies in the Water sector

Developing long-term sustainable strategies to ensure the uninterrupted supply of safe, clean drinking water are major focus areas for Water companies globally. How companies deliver these vital services has a major impact on society, the economy and the environment now and into the future.

The environmental, regulatory and financial challenges within the water industry are key drivers for innovation and performance improvement. Water companies are continually looking for innovative solutions to better manage complex business environments. Predicting and managing the impact of risk and uncertainty across an integrated network of assets is one of the key challenges faced and one that modelling and prescriptive analytics is well placed to address.

Water companies face a diverse range of strategic challenges such as the effects of climate change, the impact of ever more stringent water quality standards and the need for increased levels of investment to expand capacity and maintain a geographically dispersed asset network. Balancing the needs of customers, the environment, regulators, the asset base and shareholders in both the short and long term is a fundamental challenge for the sector.

  • Age of assets & infrastructure
  • Energy and chemical price escalation
  • Population growth
  • Government legislation
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Climate Change, particularly resource availability & cold weather events
  • Reducing carbon emissions

The Water Resilience Solution Suite

For over a decade BMA have worked with clients in the UK, Australia and South Africa to develop Digital Twins of their complex asset systems and business processes. These virtual representations of the physical world have been used in a variety of ways to answer some of the very difficult questions that the majority of first world water companies now face.

Questions like:

  • How do I manage drought conditions and optimise utilisation of my water resources and minimise costs whilst considering changing abstraction consents, variable raw water quality, deliver complex outage plans at treatment works and most importantly, maintain supplies?
  • How do I optimise the production, bulk transfer and storage of potable water in a way which reflects complex, variable electricity tariffs and significant cost variations associated with raw and treated water pumping, whilst ensuring an acceptable level of resource availability risk?
  • How resilient is my network of assets to population growth and the impact of climate change?
  • When considering the leakage of treated water from my assets, what combination of investment and operational activity will best enable me to deliver my regulatory target at lowest cost?

We are now fully leveraging our breadth and depth of water sector knowledge and experience, through a standard suite of Digital Twins which can be rapidly adapted and applied to any water company. Delivering our ethos of building rapid client value, the range of solutions now offered through the Water Resilience Solution Suite is guaranteed to help you run your business better.

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Key Capabilities of Our Solutions

  • BMA use leading edge Prescriptive Analytics software to provide clients with optimal solutions and statistical applications to assess the impact of multiple variables and competing constraints enabling a thorough evaluation of the company risk landscape.
  • Our solutions provide clients with a full set of financial reports and forecasts at asset, process or system level providing clients with clarity on how parameters such as cost forecasts, capital value and profitability are impacted.
  • Solutions can be tailored to answer questions which are meaningful to clients such as minimum investment scenarios or back solve to deliver a plan which reflects multiple hard and soft constraints.
  • Our ability to quickly change the objective function means that we can tailor the solution outcomes to meet different client requirements such as lowest cost, lowest carbon or maximum output.
  • Solutions can be tailored to consider multiple time horizons, answering questions of strategic, tactical or operational nature, tailoring outputs accordingly
  • Once constructed, multiple scenarios can be considered by the solution to assess the impact of different risk factors such as price volatility, supply chain constraints or unplanned asset outages.
  • Our user-friendly interface gives full flexibility to the Client to modify parameters, run scenarios and consume results within purpose-built dashboards and visualisations.

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