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Business Modelling Associates (BMA) is a leading UK based business analytics firm with an international client base. We design solutions that help clients systemically and holistically model their end-to-end operations and the context in which they operate. Our platform enables clients to analyse complex what-if scenarios and explore how potential changes affect service, costs, investor returns, sustainability, decarbonisation and risk. BMA helps customers compete and win by giving them the tools to visualise, analyse and optimise their key decisions.

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Planning for the Long Term:

Adaptive Systems Planning at National Grid

Greater Insight – Better Business Decisions

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Changing the way complex decisions are made:

Sustainable Leakage/NRW Reduction - A New Approach

Greater Insight – Better Business Decisions

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Business Analytics


Our experienced and highly qualified team work with clients to build digital representations of their physical and virtual processes. Drawing on extensive subject matter knowledge and analytic capability, we provide and support solutions which enable more insightful decisions and optimise overall business performance. We have extensive experience in modelling very complex business systems and apply a range of tools and mathematical techniques to explore, understand and test scenarios affecting your performance. As a result, we have a track record of discovering new insight and returning unexpected value.

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Supply Chain Design

Solution Suites

We have developed a range of solution suites for a number of industry sectors, focussing primarily on Utilities. Our solutions employ a range of sector leading optimisation and visualisation tools which we use to support our clients, many of whom manage multiple environmental, social and operational risks within challenging regulatory frameworks and financial constraints. Out solutions simplify complexity, provide assurance and reduce risk, enabling you to better understand and visualise the consequences of your decisions, thereby confidently delivering your strategic, tactical and operational objectives.

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Planing & Optimisation


Our approach has been developed and refined through numerous engagements with clients around the world. Our starting point is you! We always listen to our clients; by fully understanding your challenges, business context and intervention options we will tailor our standard solutions to meet your precise requirements. By considering your data management, process integration, architectural, visualisation and reporting needs from the outset, we guarantee an exceptional user experience and the delivery of a sustainable solution which is fit for the future and keeps on returning value.

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Changing the way complex decisions are made:

Accelerating Decarbonisation - A Roadmap To Net-Zero

Greater Insight – Better Business Decisions


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