Complex challenges have too often been approached in isolation and with human bias.
For asset-intensive, energy-intensive and risk-intensive businesses, a new connected approach is needed for the decisions that matter most.

Navigate your profitable transition to a resilient, low-carbon business model with proven AI-assisted decision-making

Business Modelling Applications

Our technology helps you build the most complete understanding of your business and the broader ecosystem in which it operates.

Coordinate strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making across the organisation to lock in value and respond effectively to connected changes and risks.

Plug in BMA's Decisio™ Decision Processor and see the impact.

Unlock your key capabilities

Connected Decisions

Engineering, operational and financial objectives blended in a single solve.

Adaptive Planning & Mass Scenario Analysis

Ability to rapidly run and analyse thousands of complex scenarios to define the optimal pathway.

Democratised Analytics

Used by decision-makers and non-experts throughout the organisation.

Our impact

Water Scarcity


regulatory penalty avoided. Reducing leakage against the complex backdrop of regulatory constraints. 

Infrastructure & Asset Management


of the UK population benefits from our bioresource solutions.



Optimised product reformulation to deliver 10-fold reduction in carbon emissions with a 20-fold increase in profitability.

Energy Transition


increase in low carbon energy generation (bio-resources)

Risk & Resilience


reduction in Cost to Serve in parallel with increase in network resilience

Mass Scenario Analysis


per week scenarios to identify the optimal roadmap

In our clients' own words

Reducing carbon emissions

Since the successful implementation of the BMA Bioresources Production Planning Platform, our energy production has increased by approximately 8% compared to previous years.

Planning for decarbonisation

We worked collaboratively with BMA to model a number of supply and demand-based Hydrogen gas futures. BMA balanced the technical expertise of NGN with their modelling rigour and practical approach to deliver a mutually beneficial outcome.

Ensuring resilience in asset management

BMA is an excellent partner to work with. They have listened to our needs, understood the data that is available, and tailored their approach to deliver outstanding results.

Mass scenario analysis

Working with BMA showed us a new approach we had never seen before. We are able to see everything at the same time. It’s totally changed the way we operate.


Connected decisions

For the first time, we have a single place to understand the overall impact of our leakage plan.

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