Decision Processor

What is a Decision Processor?

Introducing Decisio

We developed the Decisio™ Decision Processor, to harness AI and other ground-breaking cloud technology advances to support your business in making better, faster and more coordinated business decisions.

AI-assisted decision-making based on Decisio™'s robust decision intelligence platform will help super-charge profitability and growth while embedding critical sustainability and resilience into your business strategy and day-to-day operating models. 

Our technology helps you build the most complete understanding of your business and the broader ecosystem in which you operate.

Plug in Decisio™ and see how it elevates your planning and execution effectiveness.

What does it do?

Decisio™ takes your business ‘decisions to be made’ and provides connected AI-optimised decision recommendations by analysing a vast array of potential scenarios. These recommendations can be adopted in full or partially, in which case Decisio™ will make further recommendations to ensure the full impacts are considered across your business, end-to-end.

A range of 'decisions to be made' are supported, covering strategic, tactical and day-to-day operational decisions. Critically these decision recommendations are not made in isolation but are connected, ensuring coordination across planning and execution time horizons. The impact of real-time internal and external business events is also considered to ensure both the short- and long-term implications are considered, and optimal adjustments recommended.

Plugging it in

Decisio™ provides a powerful and open cloud-based AI & decision intelligence platform upon which specific business decision applications can be configured. Its design is based squarely on the principles of democratised AI and analytics, application composability using the best available technology components, Cloud-nativity, and continuous intelligence through event sensing and automatic course correction. The platform allows you to pragmatically build out end-to-end business decision-making capabilities by leveraging both your own investments in analytics and data, as well as those available from BMA and through Cloud marketplaces.

BMA offers a range of pre-configured Decisio™ business decision applications tailored to specific industry sectors and use cases, with built-in AI model Governance. Read more about our solutions in our Insights section.

Managed within Decisio™, these applications leverage the decision processor capabilities and ensure connected decision-making across separate business applications, unlocking enhanced business value as more applications are added. 

Decisio™’s application configuration layer allows you to rapidly migrate existing Excel-based business applications and data sets onto Decisio™, such that these can be adequately governed, scaled and improved, while also becoming connected to other Decisio™ or in-house configured applications.  

How does it do it?

Decisio™ encapsulates the most advanced whole system thinking, governance, analytics technologies and methodologies, and provides a single interface from which decision-makers across the organisation can define and manage ‘decisions to be made’ based on their individual profiles. The decision intelligence platform enables decision-makers to compare decision recommendations and record adopted decisions, effectively creating a decisions system of record. The result: optimal and controlled decision-making at the heart of your business.

Components that assist in the decision-making process

  • The Digital Business Twin makes sense of the interconnectivity within your business across demand, supply and finance, while understanding regulatory, sustainability or other opportunities and constraints (see Insight)
  • Composite AI combines machine learning (ML), traditional rules-based approaches, mathematical optimization techniques (prescriptive analytics), natural language processing (NLP) and graph techniques to solve a wide range of business problems
  • Connected Decision-making provides decision pathways and ensures decisions are not made in isolation and without considering impacts on other parts of the business and across planning and execution horizons
  • Adaptive Planning allows for rapid adjustment of tactical and operational plans in response to changing assumptions, operating conditions or specific internal or external events
  • Mass Scenario Analysis and management capability ensures all reasonable decision options are considered and rapidly evaluated, without complexity and solve time being a barrier
  • Nested Time Horizons means strategic, tactical and operational planning and execution is connected and implications of real-world events are immediately visible along with the associated course correction
  • Data Criticality Evaluation ensures the risks of poor or insufficient data are transparently reflected in decision recommendations
  • Governance, Roles & Security features provide the confidence that AI models are adequately callibrated and managed (ModelOps), and that they are secure against unwanted external interference or bias. These features also ensure that the right people have the right levels of control and visibility of decision recommendations and adopted decisions.

What it connects to

Decisio™ is cloud-native (Azure) and can therefore seamlessly leverage a range of Cloud and AI services, providing the highest levels of scalability, performance, reusability, resilience and security. Similarly, the ability to access cloud-based visualisation services ensures the richest and cleanest user experience when assessing decision recommendations.  

Decisio™ connects simply to both your internal systems & data sources and external publicly-available or subscription data sources to build the most complete understanding of your business and the broader ecosystem in which it operates. The addition of event data activates automatic sensing and course-correction capabilities.