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BMA selected to represent the UK to drive innovation in Net Zero and Resilience challenges

Funded by the UK Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology (DSIT), high-level critical stakeholders were chosen from academia, the private sector, and the public sector to take part in the UK-led Connected Places Catapult programme. BMA was selected as the only UK company specialising in decision intelligence and AI technology in the area of whole systems planning to solve the world’s biggest climate challenges.

Adaptive Planning at National Grid

Turning away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy is a complex journey. BMA helped National Grid look at thousands of potential scenarios every week to successfully identify the optimal roadmap to hydrogen.

Accelerating decarbonisation: A roadmap to net zero

What if we could decarbonise by 2040, or sooner? The transition to net zero demands an integrated response. With vast networks of existing asset infrastructure needing to be re-purposed, BMA’s new technologies are being introduced to the systems of many asset-intensive companies and speeding up the process.

Sustainably reducing leakage and managing water

How will water companies deliver their leakage targets of today whilst building resilience for the future? Using BMA technology, water companies are able to build models to visualise, analyse and optimise complex asset systems and understand the true complexity of the problem.

A new evolution in long-term planning

Companies don’t have the time to pursue incremental gains in asset management decision-making. A new evolution in long-term planning is urgently required.

How to re-purpose the UK’s natural gas transmission system for hydrogen

The planning involved in transitioning National Grid’s national gas transmission system to hydrogen is hugely complex. The power of cloud computing cuts through the uncertainty and complexity of developing a robust and resilient network strategy: NetStrat H2.

Unlocking the potential of a hydrogen economy

Using BMA’s artificial intelligence, National Grid’s project Union will enable the UK to achieve net zero by 2050. It’s an ambitious plan to create a nationwide hydrogen backbone for the UK.

Achieving breakthrough performance in Bioresources

New technology has transformed water treatment centres into resource recovery hubs. Learn how BMA’s Bioresources Production Planning platform is currently benefitting 7 out of 10 major wastewater utility companies in the UK.

National Grid Gas Transmission: Critical Infrastructure Extreme Value Analysis (EVA)

BMA worked with National Grid Gas Transmission to develop an advanced systems model to robustly quantify and evidence the requirement for significant investment in critical infrastructure at risk of low probability high consequence events. Prescriptive analytics combined with next generation systems modelling was used to explore intervention scenarios from a systems perspective, taking into account system design and configuration management.

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