Our Market Ecosystem

Connected value chains

The world is transforming rapidly as our expectations of cleaner energy, cleaner water, and more sustainable materials & products increases. This transformation, however, brings with it new uncertainties, complexities and risks requiring a similar transformation in the quality, speed and consistency of decision-making.

Given the criticality of accurate, timely and connected decisions in this dynamic environment, a step-change in decision-making capability is required – one that leverages AI while ensuring suitable controls and governance.

Decisio™ provides the decision intelligence platform and application suite to serve the connected value chains and stakeholders in our ecosystem that are likely to determine the long-term sustainability of the broader economy.


Decisio™ Value Chain offerings

We are focused on an ecosystem of interconnected value chains and tailor our propositions to the key stakeholders within this ecosystem:

  • Decisio™ for the Water Value Chain
  • Decisio™ for the Renewables Value Chain
  • Decisio™ for the Hydrogen Value Chain
  • Decisio™ for the Bioresources Value Chain
  • Decisio™ for the Green Metals & Mineral Value Chain
  • Decisio™ for the Chemicals & Fertiliser Value Chains
  • Decisio™ for Energy Networks
  • Decisio™ for Energy Storage
  • Decisio™ for CCUS
  • Decisio™ for Industrial Hubs