Job Category: Consultant

Wastewater and Bioresources Optimisation Consultant

Our core focus is that of using decision-support and optimisation technologies to gain insights into where opportunities may be identified and then construct visuals which will then be used to describe and present how these opportunities may be realised.

The Role

  • The role will require you to be part of a growing company that has a wide-ranging customer base spread across numerous industry verticals in the water & energy utility sectors, manufacturing and retail sectors, amongst others.
  • The role will be primarily customer facing, in dealing with their business challenges. Understanding business requirements and translating them into modelling solutions. Gathering and validating data in support of the envisaged solution design, then making use of available technologies to build and validate solution behaviour.
  • BMA is looking for someone to join the company as a consultant that has a background in process engineering, environmental science/engineering or related discipline.
  • The projects may be of a short-term nature, where the customer only requires a once off answer to a particular question or the project may be longer term in nature providing a customer an ongoing or embedded solution or service.
  • Your background in a sciences or other quantitative degree or post graduate degree, with a focus on process, mechanical, environmental, electrical, production or chemical engineering or in statistical, business and other applied sciences.
  • Experience in the water industry, particularly in wastewater and sludge treatment and/or bioresource management, will be a distinct advantage.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel is essential and basic knowledge of other tools and techniques such as MS SQL Server, Python, R, Microsoft Power BI, Linear programming and other optimisation techniques and technologies will be an advantage.
  • 3 or more years working experience will be ideally sought for the role.
  • You will be expected to learn the core technologies used by BMA and become familiar with the BMA proprietary solution delivery platform, Decisio.


  • To understand and document client requirements, validate the requirements and using your experience and knowledge, translate the client’s requirements into the toolsets available to the Company. These toolsets will include Enterprise Optimiser (EO), Microsoft Power BI, R, Python, SQL Server and some other toolsets such as MS Azure, MS Excel as well as the Company’s proprietary software suite “Decisio”.
  • To assist the client in the usage of developed system to drive business benefit realization.
  • To attend workshop sessions which will need to be arranged with business stakeholders from time to time. The purpose of the workshops will be to determine business requirements for end use cases to be deployed using the technology components, described above.
  • With the understanding of available technology, the understanding of the Company systems and based upon the feedback from the stakeholder workshops, to compile and obtain approval of designs which will form the basis for deliverables of the solution to customers at the end of the project delivery. The designs will be a comprehensive specification used for measuring success of the delivered project.
  • Once agreement has been gained on design, the development of the required functionality will need to commence, using the technology available to the company. You will be required to interact with other company employees, geographically situated around the world, to develop a list of deliverables, actions and time frames for the required functionalities.
  • Once a version for release has been agreed, system testing will need to take place in several distinct phases, namely internal developer testing, internal user testing and customer user acceptance testing.
  • Once Customer User acceptance testing has been completed, only then will a system be deployed for the use.
  • Feedback from customers will be sought to further develop the Company system. This feedback will then be built into the system roadmap to further enhancement and development.
  • Involvement in all aspects of system development, testing, deployment and feedback with the overarching objective to further enhance and develop the Company system for the benefit of the Company and its’ customers.

Personal Characteristics

  • A passion for using technology and quantitative analysis to drive real world benefits
  • Self-motivating and self-learning
  • Enjoy a flexible and varied workload including direct client contact
  • Pragmatic and goal orientated.

Please send in your CV with a short covering note to:
Application deadline: 30 May 2023