BMA employ a range of established and externally recognised data management, analytics and visualisation tools and software. We will select the combination of tools to meet the needs of our Clients and deploy them in a manner which either integrates with your technology or as a stand-alone solution. We can provide both on-premise and scalable cloud solutions.

Solution Architecture

BMA Solution Architecture BMA Solution Architecture

BMA use the most advanced software to create digital representations of organisations, their value chains, physical assets, business processes and critically, the multiple constraints, risks & controls that affect the performance of such complex systems. For example, BMA are licenced providers of River Logic’s Enterprise Optimiser (EO) solution, consistently recognised within Gartner’s ‘top-right’ quadrant as a best-in-class prescriptive optimisation tool. BMA have partnered with River Logic for 10 years, have deployed multiple EO solutions to Clients across many sectors around the world.

BMA provide clients with an advanced 5th generation optimisation and systems modelling platform with key capabilities to:

  • Model end to end systems including assets, processes with a full set of integrated and nested financial reports.
  • Model risk and uncertainty through Monte Carlo statistical analysis.
  • Consider multiple future time horizons for example:
    • dynamic operational planning for maximum agility and daily decision making;
    • medium-term, tactical planning to evaluate system resilience, for example to predict seasonal risks and associated mitigation; and;
    • long term strategy evaluation and investment planning considering regulatory and financial constraints and other strategic risks.
  • Apply both hard and soft constraint-based optimisation, with the ability to solve for multiple constraints including physical, operational and financial.
  • Flex the objective function e.g. does the Client want the lowest cost or lowest carbon solutions, how do they differ and what risk does new environmental legislation pose?

Secure access to our solutions is through conventional login mechanisms. Access is role/user defined using MS Active Directory via our proprietary software, Decisio©. Furthermore, Decisio© offers data row level security by providing users with record level filtering based upon the credentials of the user within the Client organisation. Decisio© routinely undergoes penetration testing by a professional independent 3rd party to ensure that the latest best practices and security measures are continually applied.

As the market leader in the visualisation space, we generally deploy MS PowerBI, but are happy to deploy other visualisation solutions to meet the Client requirements.

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