Bioresources Strategic Decision Support Tool

The bioresources sector in the UK is managed by 11 major Water and Wastewater Companies (WaSCs). Their purpose is to treat 1.5 MtDS of sewage sludge every year. Whilst their priority remains the safe disposal of sludge, the focus has shifted towards the recovery of the resources within the biosolids. This objective must be achieved without increasing costs and whilst offsetting all operating carbon by 2030, as specified in the sectors NetZero Public Interest Commitment.

Over the course of a decade Business Modelling Associates have developed a Strategic Bioresource Decision Support Tool (DST), which combines manufacturing principles, detailed financial accounting and physical process modelling with an advanced optimisation engine. This DST has already helped 7 major utilities make more informed choices and significantly reduced the TotEx for their AMP business plan submissions.

Bioresources Strategic Decision Support Tool Case Study
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