Leakage Intelligence Decision Support: LIDS

Water supply companies are under increasing pressure to reduce leakage in their networks while still providing good value to their customers. The roadmap to sustainable leakage reduction is defined by complex interactions between a wide range of operational and capital interventions.

A successful leakage management strategy needs to consider financial constraints, asset and operational performance, regulatory requirements and available innovation options. The optimal approach must blend the individual and combined benefit of all possible interventions, as well as reflecting their relevance to local performance and asset conditions.

Business Modelling Associates (BMA) are working with Water Utilities to deliver a data-driven, holistic solution to analyse, visualise and optimise their end-to-end leakage management processes. Our solution is driving sustainable improvement in leakage performance, whilst providing a powerful link between operational management, long-term capital investment and innovation.

Leakage Intelligence Decision Support: LIDS Case Study
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