Elevate S&OP with Enterprise Optimisation

Most manufacturing organizations have adopted some form of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). Nevertheless, many executives and S&OP professionals feel there are still many questions that are, at best, poorly answered. Such questions include things like:

  • When capacity is limited, should demand be shorted? What if inventory policies were relaxed to build ahead?
  • If demand must be shorted, which demand? Which products, geographies and customers?
  • Where should funds and capacity be allocated to drive additional growth or profit?
  • What’s the true profitability of each product or SKU?

In other words, companies are unable to anticipate the real impact of their decisions. Not only that, but companies simply aren’t the same as they used to be. Many now manufacture and sell hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of products all across the world. With increasing complexity and accelerated demand trends that shorten product life cycles, companies are unable to make optimal decisions within required timeframes. Simply put, they lack agility and speed.

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